Centurion Version History 1.29

Build #0001 05/01/06

This version contains the following minor bug fixes and feature changes:

  • Added a Default Bin Table setting to the preferences. This value will override any counter setting when data is first imported into the database for a new site (does not affect existing site).
  • Changed to support importing PRN files with alpha letters in the Site ID and Location (inside the first 24 characters).
  • Add ability to import Volume from Per-Vehicle and Binned as if it was collected by a single road tube with /2. Globally settable function enabled in the General Preferences screen.
  • Changed Basic Binned Report to shrink the width of each value on the Speed bin print when # of collected bins is > 19. This also allows the full 30 bins to print when in landscape mode.
  • Added % setting for Piezo V4 Board.
  • Added in user interface for tailgating setting on UAA V1.45 and higher.
  • Updated Centurion to take into account the government change to Daylight savings time dates in 2007 (spring forward second Sunday in April and Fall back first Sunday in November).
  • Eliminated old style Gnostice QREXport and updated to new Gnostice eDocEngine for exporting reports. This added multiple new features and improved the look of the saved reports, and also added Quattro Pro, Lotus, DIF, SYLD, TIFF, PNG, SVG, and Clipboard exports.
  • Changed Piezo % window to have an advanced display (which is activated by a Show Advanced check box).
  • Added option to display Name of each site on Telemetry map (on by default).

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