Centurion Version History 1.25

Build #0001 10/28/04

Full commercial release of changes made in 1.24. In addition, version 1.25 contains several new features listed below:

  • Added the Peek Monthly Export Format.
  • Complete support for programming & monitoring Sprite Counters.
  • Added new Volume report: Yearly Site Summary.
  • Added Import New to the main menu.

Build #0002 11/09/04

  • Fixed problem importing certain Datahog Data that was polled from Unicorn-Limited or Apollo counters.

Build #0003 11/29/04

Added support for GPS (Global Positioning System) ability to V1.40 Unicorn-Limited and Apollo units. Reports not list the Longitude and Latitude (if collected) at the top of the first page. During importing, a check is automatically made to war you if the GPS location for the same site is different by more than 0.01 seconds.

Also made the following changes and corrections:

  • Added slight delay to all counter string commands (fixes password problem in MDK and other issues).
  • Changed to allow setting the end time of the final In-Day period to zero (to allow full day to be covered) on counters supporting In-Day times.
  • Parking lot system now allows “Open/Full” to be displayed (instead of the number of spaces left).
  • Fixed problem with sub-tables not being redrawn when view window is minimized and then restored (now will automatically unexpand).
  • Changed to 24 hour format on Site Setup screen.
  • Fixed problem not creating Volume data from a SpeedxAxle or SpeedxLength table during import.
  • Fixed not showing footer on Basic Volume (60) report.

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